Radiofrequency endoscopic treatment

Radiofrequency endoscopic treatment is a modern method of treating extended veins. Laser is a focused beam of light that, with the help of a thermal effect, allows the walls of the veins to be glued together and the formation of a scar. The vein in this way closes and after a certain time it disappears (the blinded vein is absorbed after a certain time). For laser surgery it is not necessary to use a needle or make cuts (incision) on the skin. The intervention is most often performed in ambulatory conditions in local anesthesia. It takes about 45 minutes. The length of hospital treatment is maximum 1 day.


• This procedure can be done for most patients with enlarged veins. In a small number of patients, it is not recommended to perform this intervention (other therapeutic procedures can be used).


• The intervention is performed most often in ambulatory conditions in local anesthesia (you will be conscious during intervention).

• During a laser vein operation, a thin laser probe is inserted into an enlarged superficial vein under ultrasound control. The probe is used to direct the laser beam that heats the inside of the wall of the vein, leading to its collapse-gluing walls and closing the vein.

• It often takes more than one intervention to achieve the desired effect.


• Serious complications after the procedure are very rare.

• Thrombophlebitis-inflammation of the superficial vein of the leg.

• Nerve damage – you may feel throbbing or lose a feeling at the level of the skin where the intervention is performed.

• Burns-very rarely, the slightest form of burns-redness may occur due to this treatment.

• Deep venous thrombosis-the presence of blood clots in the so-called deep veins of  legs.


• Medical team of Tesla Medical will give you detailed information of preparation for surgery.


• The length of hospital treatment is maximum 1 day.

• Three to four weeks after laser surgery, you must wear compressive socks.

• Complete recovery lasts for several days. Very soon after intervention you will be able to walk and return to your usual daily activities.

• You must not go swimming while wearing compressive socks. You can have a feeling of tightening at the place where intervention was made. You can feel a mild pain that usually recurs quickly after taking pain medication.