Neurological examination

The examination is performed by a doctor who specializes in neurology – a neurologist, who examines and treats diseases of the nervous system – brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and muscles. The examination is neither unpleasant or painful and includes examination of the state of consciousness, checking of basic psychic functions, examination of cranial nerves, assessment of function, tonus and strength of muscles, examination of muscle reflexes, examination of walk and coordination of movement, sensibility and control of sphincters. It lasts about 30 minutes.

The examination includes:

  • Anamnesis – talking to the patient about the problem.
  • Checking prior medical records (if any)
  • Basic assessment of psychic functions.
  • Neurological examination (physical examination which involves examination of the cranial (brain) nerves, motor part of the nervous system, sensory part of the nervous system, cerebral function and coordination of movement).
  • Advice and recommendation for further treatment (if needed) and possible additional diagnostics (ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), EEG, EMNG…).


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