Papanicolaou test

During colposcopic examination, cells from the surface of the cervix are taken by special sticks, and then sent for Papanicolaou cytological analysis or PAPA test.

There are V groups of PAPA test classification:

  • Group I – absence of atypia and cell abnormalities
  • Group II – less-benign atypia of cells (inflammatory cells) with no signs of malignancy
  • Group III – findings indicate atypia of cells that may be associated with malignancy
  • Group IV – atypia of cells highly suspected of malignancy
  • Group V – finding plausible for malignancy

Recently, a modified cytological division has been used, according to Bethesda, which has also included the criterion of adequacy, that is, evaluation of the quality of the preparation itself, differentiation of weaker from more pronounced cell abnormalities, and the possibility of indicating changes in relation to the Human papilloma virus.